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Messing with Mother Nature

There’s poetic justice in the news that Trump’s favorite Florida hangout is going to be submerged by rising sea levels. The National and Oceanic Atmospheric Administration says global warming is flooding South Florida’s coastline and it will grow a lot worse in coming years.That includes Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort (above), where he spends most of his free time.

The posh Palm Beach resort is not only Trump’s favorite retreat but also a profit center for his family business. When Trump became president, the resort doubled its initiation fee to $200,000.

Mar-a-Lago – and the roads and bridges accessing it – already experience flooding, especially during storms and high tides. It’s only a matter of time before the property is under a foot or more of sea water.

I can’t wait to hear Trump explain how it isn’t global warming that’s at work as he wades through his flooded Florida retreat.

Scientists predict rising sea levels caused by global warming will inundate thousands of acres along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, the Florida Keys and the Florida Gulf Coast.

Several South Florida cities are already taking steps to deal with the threat of rising sea levels. Miami and Titusville, for example, have installed special pumping systems, and Miami Beach is spending $100 million on a flood prevention project.

So much for Trump’s nonsense about climate change warnings being a Chinese hoax designed to hamper American industry.

He has pulled America out of the Paris Accord, which commits most of the world to reducing man-made pollution. He is hobbling the Environmental Protection Agency, revoking environmental protection regulations and slashing funding for environmental projects.

Now, Mother Nature is striking back, and Trump’s beloved resort is one of her targets.

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