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Down goes Bolt

Sooo….instead of down goes Tyson, down goes Bolt.  The Diamond League meet today in Stockholm was the venue, initially billed as a clash of the three fastest sprinters ever turned into the 10 second massacre as Tyson Gay convincingly beat Usain Bolt in the 100 meter finals.
The worst thing a top flight athlete can ever do is think they can just show up and win; meaning turn on and off their intensity/focus to beat the competition. Before today, Gay may have said he could beat Bolt, but he hadn’t, and had lost badly every time. Bolt came in unprepared to run his best and got beat. Its the equivalent of an out of shape, ill prepared Mike Tyson-the baddest man on the planet and the unbeaten heavyweight champion of the world, showing up to fight a no-name Buster Douglas in Tokyo so many years ago and being stunningly and convincingly beaten.

Now that the *aura* of invincibility around Bolt is gone, lets see how they both do going forward. Will Bolt go the route of Mike Tyson or the route of Mike Jordan-the other Mike that decided the challenges of basketball weren’t enough, decided to try playing baseball and was an embarrassing failure?

Jordan came back to his senses and basketball to win the second of his three in a row championships and securing his place in the pantheon of greatest ever athletes. Tyson….not so much.

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