Drip…Drip…Drip. That Darn Leaky Faucet!

wikileaks logoThe leaks finally became a flood.

After the initial “drip-drip” of information, Wikileaks decided to release the entire database of cables when the file was (ironically) leaked onto the web. The US Embassy cables revealed in late 2010 “contain diplomatic analysis from world leaders, and the diplomats’ assessment of host countries and their officials.”

We have sifted through the rubble and will post a few cables that may be of concern to Jamaicans, but at the expense of being a party-pooper, we might as well let you know that there are no “blockbusters” within (at least, not yet). The cables do, however, give great insight into how US officials think of local players (politicians, public servants, business people, et al), and how readily our local politicians and public servants provide all sorts of information to US embassy officials.

We will redact names of ordinary citizens, particularly if their life may be endangered by revelation. However, there will be NO redaction of the names of politicians or any other public figures.

Some of these posts will be very short, some will be rather long, but all – in our estimation – are worth reading.

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