George Graham

Drowning in a Cesspool of Pernicious Propaganda

The right-wing noise machine is going full blast as the November mid-term elections approach in the United States. And it looks as if the central theme is xenophobic jingoism – in all its malicious forms.

The prevailing message is that this is America, the home of the brave and free white male, the tall, broad-shouldered conqueror who has dominated the world through grit and gumption, independent, self sustaining, the hero of dozens of Westerns and war movies.

As for the American female? Fear not, little lady, your hero is riding to your rescue. And he looks a lot like John Wayne.

And the rest of us?

Well, we are a lesser breed, of course. We just don’t have the genes.

The descendants of the Conquistadors? Why they ain’t nuthin’ but a bunch of Hispanics, don’t ya know. Illegal aliens is what they is, most of ’em, anyways (see example of revolting right-wing propaganda above). They just come here to drop their U.S. born “anchor babies” so they can come back and live in the wonderful US of A legally.

Even once-respected politicians are taking up the cry to change the Constitutional provision that makes anyone born in America a U.S. citizen. The argument is that “aliens” are coming here specifically to give birth so that they will have a U.S. citizen in the family. Some Republican politicians have gone so far as to claim that Muslim women are coming to the U.S. to have babies who will later return as terrorists.

And the African Americans? Why, boy, if ya wanna live free in the good ol’ USA, you better know ya place. So what if so many of the world’s top athletes are of African descent? That don’t prove nuthin’ . Gotta see how they stand up agin a Colt 44 when the chips are down. That’s the test of a real man.

As for them Muslims, why the only good Muslim is a dead Muslin. Them an’ their mosques gotta go!

The cry is heard on every front. “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” is being trumpeted from the pages of The Atlantic magazine and a host of other right-wing media. Fear and hatred triggered by plans to build a Muslim mosque near the Nine-Eleven attack site have spread to the hinterland. This is America, buddy. This is a Christian country! This ain’t no place for them heathen mosques.

Americans are being subjected to the most pernicious kind of rabble rousing. And it will undoubtedly push some visceral buttons among the electorate. Frighteningly, it is supported by a vast array of media backed by unlimited funds. And the propagandists don’t mind making up a lie or two – or three – to back up their screeds.

It remains to be seen whether American voters are susceptible enough to give the mid-term elections to the Republicans. But one thing is certain, this kind of down-and-dirty politics will leave deep scars in the national psyche – scars that might take generations to heal.

And if the rabble becomes sufficiently aroused, it could lead to a devastating war with Iran – and its allies.

But what do the right-wing propagandists care? They’re prepared to destroy America if they cannot rule America.

Check out Jon Stewart’s spoof, “Born in the USA”:

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