Duppy Haunts Boy | Madness at Bellevue | Ghost of Trafigura Lingers

Episode 024Rolling calf, “marmaid”, the White Witch of Rosehall, they all must be gathered up under a cotton tree having a good laugh at this week in Jamaican news! It all started when one of our national television stations chose to carry a story about a boy who was being ‘haunted’ by his dead friend, and ended with the National Security Minister asking for an investigation into funeral homes. Somewhere in between, the Trafigura ghost also returned to haunt the PNP.

In Parliament, our representatives lambasted the madness that was taking place at Bellevue Hospital…by the staff, NOT the patients! Crazy motorists continued to use a very dangerous roadway, and a cop got chewed out, very literally, by a mad (nuff pun intended) taxi passenger. This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all the crazy people in Jamaica that make our job producing the podcast a very easy one.

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