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Echo Chamber Strikes Back

I don’t usually watch Fox News. Or read the rubbish on right-wing web sites. But my nephew Chris sends me links to various “conservative” propaganda outlets. I guess he thinks I would benefit from an alternative view of events.

Today, his links included a claim from Sean Hannity that left-over Obama sympathizers in the civil service are conspiring with the media to stage a “soft coup.”

Hannity warns that:

Sinister forces (are) quickly aligning in what is becoming now, in my mind, a clear and present danger.

He goes on to argue that the horrors being uncovered almost daily about the new president are cooked up by “left-wing ideologues” to “overturn November’s election results and forcibly remove a duly elected president from office.”

And he says special counsel Robert Mueller is an agent of this conspiracy.

The right-wing echo chamber has picked up the coup-conspiracy claim of course.The link Chris sent me was to a story in the Washington Times giving second-day exposure to Hannity’s absurd charges. And  loudmouths like Rush Limbaugh were already warning about a “soft coup.”

So that’s how Trump’s minions are fighting back.

They don’t deny that Trump is a con artist with ties to the domestic and international underworld. They can’t. It’s on the record. And the investigations triggered by Russia’s interference in last year’s presidential election have already made that clear.

What Hannity and the rest of the Trump trumpeters are doing is changing the subject. They’re trying to impugn the motives of the investigators and the media. By getting their followers to focus on the threat of a coup, they hope to obscure the  revolting truth about their grotesque standard bearer.

They’re also attacking the credibility of the investigations.

They know that Mueller and his team are pros, and the landscape is littered with bones they will inevitably dig up. So the echo chamber is setting the stage for a counter-attack.

Sadly, there are people who will believe Trump is the victim of a left-wing conspiracy. But I am sure the vast majority of Americans will see through the smokescreen generated by Hannity and his ilk.

America does not deserve a blackguard like Trump as president. He has to go. And when minions like Hannity talk nonsense about a “soft coup,” I hope they get the ridicule they deserve.

The Washington Times story

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