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Eek-A-Mouse, Eek-A-Rat, Eek-A-Rassclot!

By Brittany SomersetIntrepid Reporter, New York City                                         Carifest C.A.R.E.S. But Eek-A-Mouse Doesn’t. When asked at last week’s Carifest CARES (Compassionate Artists Recognizing Entertainment Solutions) press conference what Carifest meant to him, Eek-A-Mouse replied. “It doesn’t mean (expletive) to me” He then changed the subject entirely and went off on a tirade, dissing all the “white people who control reggae, like Ace Of Base, Matisyahu, (whose name he repeatedly mispronounced and called Matissaweh), Sean Paul and Shaggy; bitterly blaming them for his inability to get signed by a major label. He even he included the late, great, reggae founder Bob Marley in his racist rant, citing that he had a white father. “They nah wan no black people to run reggae music. They wan Sean Paul and Shaggy; A true. Matissaweh jump inna di business and starts selling all dem records deh, and now mi cyan sell none, and mi cant  sign me, so mi wonder wagwann. Bloodclot! All dem white boys get money from reggae music and me cyan get none. Toots and the Maytalls, Dennis Brown, get nuttin and here comes Massassahoo, here comes UB40…” he angrily repeated himself, getting visibly more amplified by the second, as shown in this video of his spiteful speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gz2-SHGlYs Music transcends race. If Eek-A-Mouse can’t get signed or earn money, perhaps its his attitude, not his skin color, that’s holding him back. Perhaps that and his paranoid dementia. Ace of Base aren’t even reggae. Team Legendary Promoter, Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks told Eek-A-Mouse’s management and agent that, “Unless he issues a public apology to Carifest, it’s affiliates and it’s supporters,  his performing at Carifest will not be allowed and I will expect a complete refund.” Mr. Brooks further emphatically stated, “I can’t condone or promote his negative behavior. Carifest C.A.R.E.S is about Love. Racism and/or prejudices will in no way be accepted. Carifest has a very diverse audience and will not alienate anyone.  I mean it when I say we will represent only good vibes! Carifest is not the platform for negativity.” Stay tuned to find out if Eek-A-Mouse recants his racist remarks or if the show will go on with out him.  

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