Eh Eh, Jamaica soon turn 50!

Eh Eh, I remember when Roy Rayon won JCDC’s song contest with hit song “22 years to salute”. If oonu bawd, tell mih de year and you just might get a prize.
I sit back now thinking of the upcoming silver anniversary of our achieving Independence from England August 6, 1962.
What really will we be achieving for us to galang like we deserve to be growing those silver hairs. I started two columns on my own website. One is important dates to remember in Jamaica’s culture history. I certainly am going to highlight at least one major achievement in Jamaica’s history per year in this section to reflect on at least 50 things to be GREAT-FUL for – sports, science, arts, culture, banking.. you name it. Now I invite you too.. if you got something to add.. Please do.. others may never know or even remember till we tell them. Here goes in a little of this English and a lickle a dat Jamaican tongue mix:

1. TENK GOD FI SHAGGY and the buzzing circle round him:
Shaggy and Friends concert launched in 2009. A powerful event, if eva dey was wan. Did you know this event not only helps children of Bustamante, but is a power tool in promoting Jamaica’s creative power to the world.
Added to that the book ‘Shaggy Parrot’ series the brainchild of Jana Bent led team exposes lickle pickney pon whole to the arts and culta of Jamaican.. Mi well proud a dem two related Jamaican project dem ya.

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I am loving Jamaica and Jamaicans everywhere. I stand committed to exposing the dynamics of the Arts and Culture of Jamaica. If we could just bring the best of the world to Jamaica as much as the world clamours for the best of Jamaica, then we'd have an ideal mecca right here on the island. So travel with me across Jamaica for more hidden culture gems!!