George Graham

Election Alert: Fed-up U.S.Voters Could Go Crazy

Two paths meet in a wood tonight and the Republican Party’s future – perhaps America’s future – depends on which path the voters take. It looks as if they’re ready to take the path less traveled, and, as Robert Frost observed, that would make all the difference.

In several Republican primaries, radical candidates, backed by the Tea Party, could win the party’s nomination. Some already have.

Democrats are rubbing their hands in anticipation as they predict those radical Republican candidates will prove unelectable in November. But I think their optimism might be misplaced.

It seems to me that a lot of American voters are so fed up they are ready to say the hell with it.

The hell with trying to be responsible. The hell with trying to make a difference. The hell with the environment, and the economy, and the social network built by past generations of Americans.

The hell with politics and politicians and the horse they rode in on.

So the crazies want to repeal the Twentieth Century? So why the hell not?

In this what-the-hell mood, they could vote for Christine O’Donnell (pictured above with a supporter), who can’t even balance her own checkbook, who is campaigning against masturbation and liberals, and who is so paranoid she thinks her opponents are following her and “hiding in the bushes” …

Or Sharron Angle, who wants to abolish Social Security and Unemployment Insurance…

Or Rand Paul, who wants to abolish the government – most of it, anyway…

Or Carl Paladino, who wants to set up re-education camps where the poor can be taught good work habits and personal hygiene…

The list of crazy candidates is too long to include here, but I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now.

Imagine these kooks in control of the world’s most powerful democracy. It boggles the mind.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for those of us who still have our wits about us to go to the polls this November. It would be criminally irresponsible to let crazies run America.

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