“Emancipation” a poem by Susan ‘Dr. Sue’ Lycett Davis

Susan Lycett Davis “Dr. Sue” - Educator, Poet, Writer, Entertainer

Susan Lycett Davis “Dr. Sue” – Educator, Poet, Writer, Entertainer

Today is Emancipation Day in Jamaica. Check out the wonderful poem below titled “Emancipation” by Jamaican educator, poet, writer and entertainer, Susan “Dr. Sue” Lycett Davis. Dr. Sue is the author of the book “Ode to Miss Lou” which is a compilation of 50 poems documenting significant moments throughout the years, culminating in her 50th birthday jubilee and Jamaica’s 50th independence.

Augus Mawnin come again
A Emancipation Day, we a celebrate mi Frien’
Augus First, fi be exac
A reminder which is historical fact.

The abolition of di slave trade, led to the Abolition Act
Dat led to Apprenticeship…which put emancipation pon track
But today we declare…a Day of Jubilee
Fi ‘member say we free from slavery
Though, it don’t mean the same to all, by any chance
For, some have interest fi protect, an some have interest fi advance.

But…However we choose fi celebrate
We give thanks to the Almighty fi we fate
We nuh ‘trong and proud fi nutin… as a people
A earn we earn dis ya position pon di steeple

So Augus Mawnin come again….dis is the time for Jubilee
Mek we set we soul, mind and body free
An as we approach dis yaa Independence yaa
‘Member…Dis is Jamaica…Fi we Jamaica.


© Dr Sue – 7/2014

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