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End of Two-Party Politics?

hillary_3232486btrumpAs the stop-Trump movement grows on the right and the stop-Hillary movement grows on the left, I have to wonder what on earth is going on?

I suspect sabotage.

It’s clearly in the interests of the Democrats to see the Republicans fighting among themselves – and vice versa.

So I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Democratic saboteurs are involved in the Republican civil war and Republicans in the Democratic Party’s’ “progressives” revolt.

No sensible Republican would think it’s a good idea to wash the party’s dirty linen in public, and no sensible Democrat would want to see Hillary’s good name dragged through the mud before one of the most crucial presidential elections in my lifetime.

So there must be skulduggery involved in the crazy primary politics we have today.

If I’m wrong – and I’ve been wrong before – then the two-party system is obsolete.

The violent dissent that’s tearing both major parties apart could be authentic. America could be morphing into a multi-party system of politics.

It’s what they have in European countries like Italy and France.

And what you tend to get there is a variety of political alliances rather than the rule of a single party.

I don’t think it’s a very efficient way to run a government, but it gives more people an opportunity to vent their frustrations.

The bottom line is that when individuals become increasingly selfish and spoiled, the country becomes increasingly fragmented. We all seem to expect to get our own way in everything. Without compromise.

And the common good is forgotten in the process.

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