George Graham

Enough of the Damn Primary!



I liked Bernie Sanders a lot better when he was defending Hillary against those spurious email allegations. Now that I’ve seen his mean side, I might hesitate to vote for him  if he wins the Democratic nomination.

I am as tired of the damn primary  as Bernie was of “the damn emails.”

What purpose can possibly be served by sniping at each other? They are both good and loyal public servants who deserve better.  Either of them would be better equipped than any of those awful Republicans to keep Americans safe and make this great society even greater.

As Joe Biden said, both are completely qualified for the president’s job but it’s time for America to have a woman as head of state.

Past time.

The Britons had a female ruler back in 56 BC, the Canadians recently had a female governor general… Just about every other civilized country has had a woman at their helm at one time or another.

It’s ridiculous that in the year 2016, Americans should even be wondering whether to elect their first woman president.

Grow up, folks!

And as for the primary, enough already! I don’t want to hear another word about Hillary’s judgment or Bernie’s support for gun retailers. I’m sure they’ve both learned from whatever they might have done wrong in the past and are better prepared for future challenges.

The malicious sniping is damaging the Democratic Party’s chances of keeping the White House.  And they’re antagonizing voters like me who admire them both so much.

Click for a deplorable example.

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