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Fact or Fiction? Does it Matter?

gayIn this bizarre age, when politics is reality TV and facts are whatever people will believe, the “news” is nothing more than entertainment – laced with a toxic undercurrent of propaganda.

A few afternoons ago, I was hitting golf balls in a meadow owned by the church next door, and I saw a man sitting in a pickup truck, parked in the shade of a grandfather oak. I figured he was taking a break from his work day.

I went over and said hi and we got to talking.

He told me he builds gas stations for a living, that he started out as a laborer and worked his way up the ladder. He was born in the USA of Cuban – or partly Cuban – heritage. And he thinks he knows what’s really going on in America.

For example, he knows that Barack Obama is gay and First Lady Michelle is really a man. Their two daughters? Adopted from a Third World country.

I had to admit I hadn’t heard that one before.

I’d heard, of course, that the President was actually born in Kenya, that he was a secret Muslim, that he was the Anti-Christ… But gay? That was a revelation!

And Michelle is a transsexual? Hard to believe.

But my new acquaintance was sure of his information. He’d read it in an article.

Yes, people write this stuff. And broadcast it, too. Especially over the Internet, where anything goes.

There’s a motley crew of conspiracy theorists out there. And every so often one of them turns out to be right. It was the Drudge Report, for example, that blew the whistle on the Monica Lewinski scandal. And now Drudge is one of Donald Trump’s closest allies.

Another Trump favorite is Alex Jones, whose Infowars site “exposed” the hidden (government) hands behind the World Trade Center attack and the “fact” that the Newtown kindergarten massacre was a theatrical event planned by the Obama Administration to get support for gun control.

I Googled the “scoop” the man in the pickup had shared, and it turned out to be old “news.” I found dozens of references on the web – including an Alex Jones video. These “reports” even went so far as to suggest comedian Joan Rivers was assassinated because she had “exposed” the Obamas’ sexuality.

So it seems Trump gets his material from the same sources as my pal in the pickup truck. And, as you might imagine, these “sources” are replete with scandalous “information” about the Clintons.

So fasten your seat belts, folks! We’re in for a wild ride. We can expect an avalanche of shocking “news” about Hillary as the 2016 presidential campaign develops.

Click for Jones on the Obamas.

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