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Feminists Beware! You Could Lose Male Supporters

With Hillary Clinton’s maniacal struggle to win the Democratic nomination getting more embarrassing by the minute, hard-core feminists are lining up to support her. Their argument is so naked that it is obscene: Vote for Hillary, they tell us, because she is a woman and it’s time America had a woman President.

So now sexism is OK – as long as it’s the kind of sexism that gives women an advantage.

Well, ladies, you won’t get my vote. Not now. Not ever.

I will not vote for a candidate because he/she is a man, a woman or transgendered. Your sex organs do not qualify or disqualify you for public office.

Strange as it may seem, it’s what you have between your ears that matters. And anyone who thinks that just being a woman is a qualification for the Presidency doesn’t have many brain cells between their ears.

I have always championed women’s rights. I believe they should be paid the same as men if they do the same work as men and do it as well. And if they do it better, they should be paid more. And I have always maintained that women should have unlimited access to top executive jobs and to the highest public office.

It is a shameful fact that in the United States, women have been discriminated against for generations. But I believe that era is ending. When I became a reporter, there were two women in the newsroom: the Woman’s Editor and the Assistant Woman’s Editor. Now, you have to listen hard to hear a male voice, and it seems to me that women are being favored for the top editorial positions. I believe the same is true in most white-collar professions as corporations pander to the trend toward “diversity.”

I don’t think that’s fair.

It is just as immoral to promote a woman over a man because of gender as it was to promote a man over a woman because of gender. It is just as immoral to promote a non-white person because of color as it used to be to promote a white person because of color. My position is that individuals should stand or fall on their own merit, regardless of gender or color — or any other irrelevant characteristic.

It shouldn’t matter whether a person is short or tall, black or white, male or female, thin or fat, handicapped or able-bodied, attractive or plain… The best qualified person should get the job.

So when women “of a certain age” argue that it’s time for a woman to be President of the United States, my response is, “Balderdash!” And if they keep it up, they will lose the support of at least one feminist — me.

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