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Flummoxed and Frightened by Election Projections

By rights, everything should point to defeat and disgrace for the Republicans in 2012. At least, that’s the way it looks to me. Every poll shows the Republican dominated Congress is perversely blocking the willof the majority of Americans in a totally transparent crusade to bring about President Obama’s downfall.

For example, the president’s jobs program is favored by a large margin in America, and the Republicans keep voting it down.

The Republican dominated Congress is at its lowest approval rating ever. Disgruntled Americans have taken to the street to protest the policies that Republicans put in place to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor.

Meanwhile, the sorry batch of stumblebums vying for the Republican presidential nomination openly trumpet their continued championship of the rich and promise more of their failed policies if elected.

I can’t imagine how anybody could be unaware of the president’s relentless efforts to check America’s economic freefall – and of the Republicans’ equally relentless efforts to keep him from doing so.

Last night, on MSNBC’s Ed Show, viewers were asked this question:

Do Republicans hate President Obama more than they love America?

The results: 99 percent said yes; 1 percent said no.

Yet the pundits are contemplating a possible defeat for the president in next year’s election.

Nate Silver, the author of the popular FiveThirtyEight blog on The New York Times website,  predicts the election will be “a nail-biter of a race.”

Click here for Silver’s projections.

Silver concludes that:

If the economy stagnates at 0.0 percent growth, Silver finds that Huntsman, Romney, Herman Cain, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry all would likely win majorities of the popular vote — while at 4 percent growth only Huntsman is likely to win the election.

And you can bet that the Republicans, who have a majority of seats in the House and enough Senate seats to filibuster everything the president tries to achieve, will do all they can to make sure the economy does stagnate.

So what Silver is saying is that American voters will reward the Republicans for openly sabotaging the country’s economy and preventing millions of Americans from getting jobs?

Does this make sense to you?

It’s not as if the Republicans are making any effort to disguise their strategy. They have said repeatedly that they will do anything to “make sure Obama is a one-term president.”

Look, there may be a lot of uninformed voters out there, perhaps enough of them to make Silver’s scenario a reality. But we progressives know better.

We might not agree with everything President Obama has done. But, surely, we agree on this:

We cannot let Mitt Romney or Herman Cain – or any of the Republican hopefuls – win in 2012.

Let’s go, folks. Let’s get to work and put our man back in the White House.

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