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Fool Me Once Shame on You, But Fool Me Over and Over?

According to an old saying (I read on the web that it originated in ancient China), “fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.” But what about “fool me over and over and over”? How shameful is that?

And that’s what Joe Lieberman has done to the Democratic Party. I don’t know what he has on party brass but they keep forgiving him for the most egregious treachery and rewarding him for stabbing them in the back not once, not twice, but time and again.

Check out some of his worst betrayals as compiled by The Huffington Post:

joeThis snake-in-the-grass was Al Gore’s vice-presidential candidate in 2000 but supported Republican John McCain in 2008! You could see him all over the place – and all over TV – tagging along beside McCain, two little birds-of-a feather, Heckle and Jeckle, (photos at right) lying their heads off and touting policies that are anathema to Democrats.

After the voters resoundingly rejected McCain, Lieberman came crawling back to the Democrats. heckleI was among thousands who signed a petition begging the party to bar the door, but – with encouragement from newly elected President Obama – the party leaders welcomed him into the Democratic caucus and even gave him back his committee and subcommittee chairmanships.

So what has he done to show his contrition and gratitude? Not a thing. He is still the little creep who called Obama a Socialist (and suggested he might even be a Marxist) during the presidential campaign, and who told Fox News that it would be the end of America if the Democrats won a 60-seat majority in the Senate.

As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, he has followed the Fox News party line by holding hearings on the number of so-called “czars” in the Obama administration. And now he’s threatening to help Republicans filibuster health care reform if it includes a public option.

This man is no Democrat. He is a Zionist hawk who vigorously supported war with Iraq and wants America to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. His loyalty is clearly to Israel, not to his own country. And he erroneously supposes that by bombing Israel’s neighbors, America will make that country safer.

chartAnd as far as domestic policies are concerned, why he’s as open-handed as anyone. His hand is always open to accept contributions from special interests – the health care industry, for instance.

Here’s an excerpt from a New York Times article written back in 2000, when Lieberman was the Democrats’ vice-presidential candidate:

Behind the traditional Democratic oratory of his convention speech is a senator who has described himself as being “pro-business, pro-trade and pro-economic growth.” During his two terms in the Senate, Mr. Lieberman closely aligned himself with three industries — insurance, high technology and health care – that are the main sources of his campaign contributions, and whose lobbyists say they are pleased with how he has promoted their agendas in Washington.

This is the guy that Harry Reid is leaning on to help get a decent health care reform bill passed? Puh-lease!

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