George Graham

From Bad to Worse


Trump has made some weird nppointments since becoming president last year, but  he has outdone himself by selecting Johns Bolton (photo) as his new national security adviser.

Even Trump should have known better.

As Jimmy Carter observed on TV Monday night, Bolton is Trump’s worst mistake yet.

Bolton is such an extremist that in 2005, the Senate rejected his appointment as President George W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations.

And you will recall the Republicans controlled the Senate at the time.

A senate committee concluded that Bolton is an ideologue and a bully who persecuted underlings and repeatedly sought retribution against career intelligence analysts wno dared to contradict him.

And that’s not the worst they could have said about him.

In my view, he is a nut. A very, very dangerous nut.

Among his wild fantasies was the belief that Cuba was building a biological weapon for use against the US. And he has repeatedly  derided the United Nations.

In my view, he is the kind of crazy militant who ,might plunge the world into a nuclear war.

To have this loon as an adviser of any kind is irresponsible and dangerous. To have him giving advice on national security is criminally negligent.

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