From “Daggering” to “Rampin Shop”…Explicit Dancehall Reggae

Esther Tyson, principal, of Ardene high school wrote an article titled  ‘Rampin’ Shop’ – musical poison in the Sunday Gleaner. It is an excellent article. There are 2 thing in the article that stood out to me.

The first was her call for “freedom of expression” intellects and entertainers to have their own children listen to the lyrics of some in these dancehall songs. If any of you heard or read the lyrics in the Vbyz Kartel and Spice song called “Rampin Shop” you would understand the outrage of children listening to it. I can’t begin to describe how sexually expicit this song is hence I will not provide any links.  I heard they play it bleeping out some parts. Trust me when I say the whole songs needs to be bleeped before it could be played in public. It is the same thing with some of the rap songs I hear with the beeps. It makes no sense beeping them because you know what is already being said.

The second thing that stood out was the comments by the students. Even though they knew the song has some extreme sexually expicit lyrics they could not help but sing it, think about it  or get away from it. This shows the influence of these types of songs. There is a time and place for everything…but it is clear these students could find a place to get away from the song and it is being played at all times of the day…

There is a great discussion on this song and the daggering websites in our forums.

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