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From What I’ve Seen of Both Sides, I Believe Weiner

I know Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner looks as if he’s hiding something. I’m sure he’s getting the Third Degree from his wife about that. But I believe him when he says his Twitter account was hacked.

It’s the kind of thing that Republican activists do.

Think ACORN. Think PBS. And what about that smear attempt that misfired down in Louisiana?

In all of those sordid sneak attacks, a conservative blogger named Andrew Breitbart was the instigator. In all of the incidents, the evidence was tampered with to imply guilt where none existed.

But by the time the trickery behind the smears was exposed, the damage had been done.

Click here to read how Breitbart operates.

So why on earth did CNN give Breitbart a soapbox to smear Weiner – unchallenged? There’s no good answer to that question. Even the network’s own legal analyst has taken them to task over it.

Click here to read about it.

It’s easy to sneak into someone’s Twitter account – through an ancillary service called yfrog – and post a picture (in this case a close-up photo of a male crotch covered by a pair of briefs).

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports:

Someone who simply knew Weiner’s yfrog email address could have emailed the photo, which in turn would have been simultaneously uploaded to both his yfrog and Twitter accounts — all without ever being prompted for a password or permission.

The blog Cannonfire tried it out and took screen grabs to demonstrate.

Click here to view Cannonfire’s take on the topic.

I don’t know why Congressman Weiner won’t say the crotch in the photo is not his.  I can’t imagine him taking a picture like that – or having it taken. And who can say with certainty what male crotch was in the photograph? I would imagine they all look somewhat alike.

This whole thing is absurd.

Congressman Weiner is far too valuable to the country’s welfare to be thrown under the bus because of this kind of sophomoric dirty trick.

The media should drop the story and get back to more important matters.

But you and I know they won’t, don’t we?

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