George Graham

Gay Rights – the Backlash

Pat Buchanan (above) says God hates gays and loves Vladimir Putin because the Russian president has outlawed homosexuality. I haven’t heard from God on that topic recently, but I am sure Buchanan is mistaken. That voice he heard was from the Demon of Bigotry, not from our Creator.

God made us all, in all our diversity. And from what I’ve read in the Bible, God loves us all.

To say that being homosexual is a sin is to suggest that being left-handed is a sin. Or being short.

It might sound more logical to say that practicing homosexuality is sinful and homosexuals should be obliged to take a vow of chastity to remain free of sin. But who in their right mind would suggest such a thing?

You might as well decree that bees should no longer pollinate flowers.

Of course, I was brought up to fear and avoid homosexuals. And at boarding school, the practice was talked about in hushed horror.

But that was a long time ago, and back then, masturbation was shrouded in secrecy and shame, too. After the Kinsey report, society’s view of sexuality changed drastically.

Scientific research has debunked many of the sexual myths of my childhood.

But attitudes toward homosexuality have been slow to change. And the change that occurred has brought a powerful backlash.

America is in the throes of such a reaction, and Pat Buchanan’s rant is evidence of the backlash.

The battle for gay rights has come a long way, but, obviously, the fight is far from over.

I have news for people like Buchanan, however, God is not on their side.

Click for the Buchanan interview with God.

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  • Speaking of the ACLU, why don’t groups like that one – and Amnesty International or Greenpeace – get the same amount of national media attention as the Tea Baggers? Seems the media loves whiny, bickering fools and ignores those who are trying to make things better.

  • Of course we need the police because of the makeup of mankind. However, the police have to be controlled for the very same reason. Many good institutions have been given bad reputations because of the actions of a few.

    Billy G.

  • The only time you hear about those groups is when they support the rights of the unpopular. then they get vilified.