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Many of you may have seen the video of the “Vicious Hammer Attack on Subway”. What was stunning is that no one else helped. Earlier in the week before this attack came to light I was listening to a radio announcer explain why he will not come to defend someone else. He went to a little league game with his family. A parent started screaming at one of the teenage refs and berated him. He was upset with the way this parent was shouting at the teenager. His wife told him to stay out of it. No other person came to the defense of the teenager. He could not stand it anymore so he went over to the parent. He told him to stop. His wife left with the children because she was embarrassed. She was upset with him for getting involved. It is sad that society has come to this…

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  • Ever since I was a little boy, I have seen signs that said “The end is near”, and now I’m starting to wonder, hey! how near is it? We have polluted the earth, the air, the water, and razed the forests of her trees. Now on top of that, we have the spectre of failing governments and the mind-set of the super rich to make more money, no matter what the cost. Stupidity reigns, and money is now the god of many. Billy G.