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Giving thanks from far away…

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I had to interject between the Thailand updates to give a quick shout out to Thanksgiving Day…

Fellow Foodies – this one is for you!!!

As I said on my Facebook page – There is one universal truth about Thanksgiving and this is that it’s always better when shared with family and friends. It was really hard for us to be so far away at a time we are used to sharing with loved ones, but thanks to our new found family here in Mumbai, home was brought that much closer for Thanksgiving…  Giving a special shout out to our friends the Frosts and Erika Goldstein. It was wonderful to be able to share the day with you.

So if we were home in the US we would simply saunter into the closest grocery store and pick up most of the things we need for dinner and that would be that… not so easy in Mumbai.

First we had to find a turkey – emails and text messages were flying around the ex-pat community “I heard that Meats and more have Butterball Turkeys”  – “The Grand Hyatt is selling smoked Turkeys” – “Did you try the Renaissance?” We were teaming up with friends for dinner so they had a butterball delivered to the house for me to cook \o/. This would be my first time EVER making a turkey.

Then there was the challenge of trying to find all the things that go along with a Turkey for the Thanksgiving feast.: Cranberry glaze (no luck), Celery for stuffing (no luck), Yams (no luck) – but you know as Jamaicans we “tun we han mek fashion” – so we made the best of what we had.

Pictures are below… I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had at least one thing to be truly thankful for this year.

I was thankful for my family, for health and for our new friends…


The Butterball


Brining the Turkey


The finished Bird


Brown Stew Fish


Rice and Peas


Roast Beef, Glazed Carrots (courtesy of Karyn Frost), Spicy Mango Shrimps


Spicy Mango Shrimp




Stuffing no Celery \\o/


The Thanksgiving Table


Catch you on Bangkok part II




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