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“Dog food cyaah eat!”

Says who?

Many of us think that the food we cook for our dogs is food that cant be modified for us to eat. When modified with some curry chicken and the right spices, the taste is through the roof and out of this world. What do I speak of you may ask; my response would be ¨curry chicken back and turn cornmeal¨.

The other day while at home on holiday my mom decided to cook for me and that was her treat. Now upon hearing that my mom was cooking cornmeal I started to gag. I began saying internally that this lady was crazy to think that I, in my right mind would have eaten the food she was about to prepare. Because in my mind, that food is in the category with Purina dog chow!

My mom proved me wrong though. During the preparation of the meal, the varying smells of spices captured me and my mouth started to water. I, at that time, started to crave the food that I was gagging at only a few of minutes before.

Eating Dog FoodThe food in its completed state now was waiting for its skeptic to taste. After the first chew and swallow, I Candice Kristen started to scruff down the food like it was nobody´s business. Call me greedy because even when I was no longer hungry, I found myself going back to the pot to take more.

Now this meal was prepared on a Sunday, not typical of Sundays at home, but we wanted a change and we got the change. In my household, just as in many others, we follow the principle of Sunday-Monday; what we eat on Sunday is carried over into Monday. I never thought that the plethora of awesome tastes could have gotten any more sexy than it already was. When I had my Sunday-Monday, however, I was swept off my feet. As my friends would say, ¨the ting sell weh…and profit mek off a it¨. The food tasted way better than it did when it was just cooked.

My lovely foodies, you may think that I am over rating the meal. Call it what you may. Just know that if you want a sexy taste of turn cornmeal and curry chicken back, link me and I´ll link you with my mom, it will blow your mind and have you licking the fork and plate. 🙂

The moral of this post is that anythinhg can be eaten; its just a matter of how you prepare it. Now, with my biased self, I say, it will not be good unless it is my mom that cooks it.

Happy eating.

[Editor’s Note: Here shaking my head at this “revelation” that some of us have known for decades – “tun caanmeal” to di werrrl!! Now as it relates to the “anything can be eaten”, you on your own there!!!]

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