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Going to the National Stadium today? Bear these things in mind…

10 Must Haves for Boys & Girls Champs 2011

Today is the final day of the ISSA Boys’ & Girls’ Athletic Championships at the National Stadium in Kingston. Below are the 10 things you should not be caught attending the event without:

1. A valid ticket – Note, there are tickets, and then there are tickets. Ensure that your ticket is procured ahead of time from a reputable source. Beware of scalpers who will be trying to sell tickets on event days for ridiculous amounts of money.

2. Comfortable attire – Ladies, please! You can still be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Remember this is an event where thousands of people will be in one place at the same time, and you might want to ensure that you dress to prevent any wardrobe malfunction. High heel shoes or slippers are a no go! Let’s be practical. Sneakers are definitely the most comfortable and safest bet for such an event. Leave the flip flops, wedges and stilettos at home! The athletes on the track might not be the only ones who will be required to do some “running”.

3. Spending money – Never leave the house without adequate money to ensure safe passage back home. You will be out for an extended period and having money stashed away for emergencies is crucial. If you are worried about the safety of your cash, stash it in your shoes in the safest bet. When your bag or wallet can be stolen or misplaced easily, or your pockets relieved of its contents in some way or another, your shoes are probably the safest place to hide it. Be smart though. Do not wait until you get to the cashier to be digging in your shoes for cash in front of a large crowd. For those carpooling, have your “get vex” money. Nothing is more annoying than the driver wanting to leave the event too early or too late, or go on an all-island tour after the event when you are exhausted and only want to see your pillow.

4. Communication device – A functioning mobile device, loaded with credit and fully charged is a must. Word to the wise, leave your iPhones and BBs at home. We understand the need to ping your buddies the winning school for each race, or the latest point standings, but be smart about it. Whether we want to admit it or not, unscrupulous individuals will be at the event scouting out easy targets to relieve of their cell phones. Do not be one of them. Borrow the old Nokia you gave to your younger sibling when you upgraded your phone. Save the Facebook updates and tweets for after the event. Real bummer, but chances are, the same people you would be linking on FB or tweeting will be at the event. Plus, wouldn’t you prefer to still have your smart phone after April 2?

5. Protection for the skin – Let’s face it, not all seats in the stands will have shade from the sun. Especially for those persons attending the event over several days, consider the following to safeguard your skin: Sun block for UV protection Sunshades  Caps and hats Head/arm bands for perspiration control.

6. Hydration products – Depending on the sponsors of the event and event rules, you may not be allowed to enter the stadium with certain items. Please verify ahead of time what is allowed and what is not. You will need plenty of water and other beverages with energy boosters to ensure that you will be strong enough to cheer on your favourite school/s on event days.

7. An extra shirt or blouse – After all that sweating and accidental juice spills, a backup top might be just what is needed, especially if you will be taking public transportation back home.

8. A backpack or catch-all handbag – One big bag in which to toss all your champs items. Avoid using the outer pockets, and if necessary, add a small padlock to it. Be sure to keep the key in a safe place. Go for functionality versus fashion, please.

9. A friend – That person you can trust to hold your valuables while you go to the restroom, or hold your seat while you go to get food. That person who will smack you silly when your over exuberance starts to get the better of you and you need to be told to take a timeout.

10. Your school colours – In the true spirit of sports, no event is complete without pompoms, flags, handkerchiefs, headbands, ribbons and banners in colours that represent the team you are supporting. Try not to go overboard with these items and remember that everyone at the event has a right to support their school of choice. We still live in a democratic society.

Here’s the one thing you might want to consider leaving at home, YOUR EGO. Why?

  • You will be shoved (sometimes unintentionally)
  • You are likely to have your toe stepped on (literally and figuratively)
  • You are likely to spill food or drink, or  have it spilled on you
  • You are likely to lose or be relieved of something valuable
  • Your team may lose an event or the entire championship
  • You are likely to be jeered because your team lost
  • You are entitled to be passionate, but in the heat of the moment, remember that not everyone falls in the category of rational human beings.

Ideally, our hope is that everyone wakes up April 3, 2011 and starts planning for Boys & Girls Champs 2012.

Enjoy yourselves responsibly!

Contributed by StudyInJamaica.comTeam


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