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Gold for Anneisha McLaughlin and Rasheed Dwyer

JAMAICA marked off two more gold and a silver after four days of competition in athletics to push their medal tally to seven at the 26th World University Games in Shenzhen, China yesterday. Read more>>

Source: Jamaica Observer

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  • We are truly blessed, and grateful for our family and friends, and for a lovely new year’s eve celebration. We wish all our loved ones comfort, happiness, understanding, and good health. May the lord continue to hold you softly in his hands and keep you from harm. I think of your gentleness and innate kindness as I watch you worry about and care for your family and our domestic and wild “critters,” making warm beds for them to shelter from the cold. Thank you for the care you take of fragile things. Happy new year, my love.

  • Sandra, you made me cry with your lovely message to George. He has always been a kind and soft hearted man, that’s probably why he has been hurt so much by uncaring,me me me, type people in this world. You have been his ‘saving grace’ with your strong, unwavering love. The world is a better place with people like you and George. A Happy and blessed new year to you both. Love, Billy G.

    P.S. And from me too!! Love, Faye