Golding Lips the T Word

On Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister addressed the nation regarding the 2010 budget process.

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  2. He painted the reality of our situation.
  3. The servicing of the debt is the anchor weighting on the budget and future prosperity.  The projected debt serving expenditure is $309B.  The proposed budget is $548B.
  4. The proposed budget expenditures cannot be pared further without harming our future or ripping the social safety net.
  5. The days where we could kick the can down the road by further borrowing is over.
  6. With reluctance, he announced the need for tax increase to close the budget gap. (Estimated gap $18B)
  7. The tax increase details will be shared on Thursday. He however spoke to the fairness of the distribution. (return here for details later. trying to package the information in a useful form).
  8. He rightly anticipated unrest, and shared that security is on alert to address this situation appropriately.


  1. This captain of our state is keeping it real and have exercised a high level of leadership to steer us through these tough times.  He is taking tough courageous steps in stewardship over the country’s credit card.
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What can we do to uphold his hand and share with others the enormous dilemma the government faces?

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