Gov. Palin is right…

I heard part of Gov. Palin’s speech this past weekend. She took some nice shots at just about everyone in a very subtle way. One of those shots was at Hollywood and “hunting/ant-second amendment”. She mentioned that Hollywood would use “use these delicate, tiny, very talented celebrity starlets” to their anti-hunting and anti-second amendment point across  to the public.  I think she is right about what Hollywood does to influence the culture. I have seen it on TV and in the movies. The hammer you with their view of the world until you become “numb” to thier point of view and cave in. I  gave up watching some TV shows that I loved because I saw an agenda being pushed. They would right a script that tugged at your heart with actors that give a magnificent performance.

Will Hollywood push the anti-hunting and anti-second amendment agenda Gov. Palin mentioned in her speech? I don’t know. But she certainly hits the nail on the head on how they normally push an agenda.

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