Grammy Protest Ad…I think this is a waste of money…

So I am reading the story below and this don’t make no sense.  I think everyone knows that the Grammy will never do this again. I think everyone knows that Buju was not going to win while in jail. So why take out a full page ad? I think the money could have gone to something else like….Haiti.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Gay rights groups angry about a Grammy nomination for jailed Jamaican reggae singer Buju Banton took out a full page advert on Friday, protesting the honoring of an artist they said had “promoted the murder of gay people throughout his career.”

Banton, 36, is up for a best reggae album award for his “Rasta Got Soul” release at the Grammys on Sunday. He is currently in jail in Florida awaiting trial on a cocaine charge and will not be attending the awards show.

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  • I hate it when I hear people trying to appeal to my emotions. I figure that’s where my dark side is, like fear, which can cause us to be irrational and selfish. Some in this country like to denigrate the intellect. I prefer those who appeal to that side of me . I want to be encouraged to take the high road rather than the opposite.
    You picked a good picture of Mr. Luntz. If that is not a smug, cynical look I don’t know what is.

  • You got that right, Elizabeth. His is the kind of face I’d like to smack – but then that’s my emotions speaking! So I’m trying hard to use my intellect on this one, to no avail – I still feel like smacking him! I watched The Passionate Eye last night which showed an evil power-hungry middle aged male nurse in the U.S. passing himself off as a young female nurse and using the internet to urge young people to commit suicide. He told these them that he was also going to kill himself and suggested hanging, the number one method of suicide in the U.S. today. He has been doing this successfully for several years. I am citing this incident to show that freedom of speech needs to be modified. I disagree with Voltaire that one should be able to say anything one pleases, no matter what the consequences. In a civilized society we are obliged to have rules and regulations to protect said society from monsters such as this. Billy G.