Baby oh Baby Jamaica


Oh how we love them but how do I stop my mother from spoiling my son and actually listenning to what I want him to do. Its so frustrating at times.

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  • At last! Actually someone WHO HAS long hair giving advice!
    This is what I like to see. Because when so many people who don’t have long hair starts giving advice on how to grow your hair long makes you want to scratch your temples..(huh?). So when I come upon their articles and I do all the time, I quickly move on…next!
    And then, next…next….next and so on. How could these people with short hair advise us on how to grow long hair when they don’t have it themselves? How can they offer those of us yearning for long hair any hope?
    So it is very refreshing to read a hair growth article from someone who has the experience of growing her hair long.

    Makes sense to me! Thank you for this article!