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Green Grotto Caves – Discovery Bay, Jamaica

The Green Grotto Caves are a fun little attraction in Discovery Bay (a short drive from Runaway Bay where we live).  Apparently the name Discovery Bay comes from Christopher Colombus – as this is where he is said to have first landed when he arrived on the island in 1494.  The property is immaculate and has pretty gardens surrounding the caves.  Its about a 45 minute walk through the caves, which you go through with a tour guide … our guide was great – there were only four of us on the tour, and he was really funny!  The path is easily walkable (its man made) aside from a narrow, steep walk down about 70 stairs and a crawl through the “limbo hole”, with lights that come on as you approach …. but be sure to stay with your tour guide – if you get lost and try to walk back, the lights won’t come on for you going that direction!!  There is a set of step steeps to get you to the bottom, and if you’re tall, you’ll have to watch your head quite frequently!

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