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Hair Dyeing Tips for New Moms and Moms-to-Be

Hair Dyeing Tips for New Moms and Moms-to-Be

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To dye or not to dye! When you’re a mom-to-be, it’s so hard to decide especially since there are so many conflicting reports on whether it’s truly safe for your baby. We recently chatted with Mazza BenTov (below), a colorist at the Valery Joseph Salon, to help clear up any confusion.

Lucky for us, she’s very knowledgeable about the topic — she’s a new mom to a 9-month-old. If you’re looking to highlight or completely color your tresses, make sure to check out her tips below.

Consult Your Colorist. Once you become pregnant, let your colorist know so you can discuss the safest options for all-over color or highlights. With highlights and using foils, there is a lot more room for the color to accidentally touch the scalp so ask your colorist to try balayage. It’s more precise so there’s more control over where the color is going. But if you’re still having doubts about whether coloring is safe, talk to your doctor.

Do Your Research. If you want to color at home, there are lots of at-home coloring treatments with little to no chemicals. Just do your homework. If you’re pregnant, I wouldn’t recommend all-over color unless you have permission from your doctor and are working with a professional. But if you’re a new mom, L’Oréal’s ammonia-free Healthy Look is a great option for all-over dyeing. But ultimately, it’s best to go to a colorist because over the counter coloring kits are easy to mess up.

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Try Ombre Highlights. Since you’re only lightening the tips of the hair, it’s safer than most highlights. And it’s very low maintenance, especially if you have long hair. You could go for up to 4 months and not worry about it, which is a great money saver too. For the ombre look, tell your colorist to use soft balayage so it’s not a harsh color change. You want it to look subtle, yet add definition and dimension.

Go Ionic. After birth, many women lose hair and hair becomes temporarily dry and brittle because of all the hormonal changes you’re going through. To help rejuvenate your locks and keep your color rich, try an Ionic Hair Treatment. This involves flat ironing crystals into damp hair to hydrate it. It usually lasts about a month and really makes your hair shine.

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