Have you ever had patty with bun and cheese…

Jamaican Beef Patty

Recently I went to lunch with a close friend. I was eating a patty with a sugar roll. My friend, was is Jamaican, was grossed out by the thought of eating a patty with something sweet. I then asked her if she ever had patty with bun and cheese. She responded “no” with an even grosser look on her face. My wife had seen me eat it before, but never tried the combination while in Jamaica. After a polling a few friends I realize that many Jamaicans may have missed out on one of the best Jamaican food combinations ever. My mouth is watering as I write this. Patty with bun & cheese was a regular for me and many of my classmates at high school in Jamaica (I went to Jamaica College). The combination of sweet and spicy is one of the best food fusions ever.  So as the Easter season approaches I recommend the  tasty Patty with bun and cheese. 😀

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