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He Knows Who God Wants You to Vote For?

I am amazed by the temerity of people like Franklin Graham (no relation, thank God!) who claim to know who God wants us to vote for. I not only read most of the Holy Bible during my long life (sorry, I couldn’t quite make it through Numbers and Deuteronomy) but I also listened over and over to my mother, grandmother and numerous other relatives quoting from the Word of God. I belong to a very religious family (most of them, anyway).

But I have never heard anyone claim to identify the real Christian candidates in an election. Not until Franklin Graham (photo above) did it on TV.

Jesus warned us against being taken in by the “whited sepulchers.” He said we would be deceived by false prophets.

But Franklin Graham has the nerve to assure us that Rick Santorum is a Christian and cast doubt on President Obama’s faith.

Listening to the TV interview, I was left as breathless as Andrea Mitchell when she heard that joke about using aspirin as birth control.

What kind of pompous egomaniac would dare to be so bold?

Yes, I know he is Billy Graham’s son. But he is no Billy Graham.

He is a false prophet.

And he is endorsing the sick theology of a demented demagogue. To claim that Rick Santorum is a Christian is to fly in the face of Christ’s teaching. Jesus of Nazareth taught gentleness and compassion, tolerance and love. Santorum preaches intolerance and hate. He spews venom like the serpent in the garden.

He is precisely the type of breast-beating Pharisee that Jesus deplored.

I know that Jesus wants us to be forgiving. I know He would want me to pray for the Santorums of the world, and even for Franklin Graham. But it is not easy, Lord.

I will have to take a while to catch my breath.

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