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Jamaicans Caught UP wid Usher!

I would like to see Usher again in far more comfortable circumstances oder dan de mudfes which Sumfest turned out to be. My gosh I remember de muds at Sunsplash at Jarrett Park back in de days but a tink dis took de cake.. de mudcake first prize dat is….plus becz I was going to VIP – yeah I didn’t do media acc this year… I was not in sneakers and boots….but was prepared to fork out de money fi Usher and by den de rains was on and de outfit set up inna my mind as to what to wear….. but even wid dat… as my ole boss of Video Music Box, Ralph McDaniels used to say – it’s all good – mud n all!

Ooooh My God, what a performance?!!!

De young people dem went craaaaazeeee! Girls aaaand boys. I heard men – I mean grownass-men singing word fi word! My little cousin well not so little…all of 25 n her friend went with me… she says Usher is her future babyfather 🙂 …. my girl tall n find her way to the top a de VIP ‘gainst de fence…. mi give her props for behaving like me 🙂

Usher performed for 1 /12 hours nonstop – dancing, gyrating, simulating de humping movements face-to-face wid de stage floor hips and buttocks moving in unison wid de beats ….singing, WOW, singing — every precise dance move and twist of head and shoulders carried a swish and a Dunns River Falls of sweat —by the time he got to My Beau…. I too, old as I am was Caught UP!!! My Beau, teaching Fellows/Jackie Rob H/way driving de border of Queens into Bklyn was all in my head as in 2004 I used to play it every morning on my way to school 🙂 and in the evenings again. He brought on DJ’s Movado, Elephant Man and Chris Brown – not my fave… de place was palpable wid de excitement. A matronly-looking female tourist said to me, “I’m an old lady and this is great”. I saw her with two younger girls and asked if they were her children. She said one and the other her niece. Many parents had brought their teenage youngsters with them for Usher. One little young lady said to me, ” you don’t understand, you don’t understand I looooove him, I know everything about him”. I was very happy for them and they will not be forgetting this Usher performance for the rest of their lives.

His female dancers just added to his show — and when he got into his last song…Oh My Gosh/oh my God…whatever….de place thumped wid de screams for close to 5 mins…while he changed….people were just screaming de beat just happy knowing he was changing waiting to see what he would look like…..and Ooooh bwoy he did not disappoint when he came back on that last number – in a black outfit looking like a sexy black Zorro wid a patch across de eye….wid red accessories….and de lighting!!!

There’s something to be said about seeing a “fareen”/foreign act in Jamaica. I still cannot put my finger on it… but one thing I know when you see them in Jamaica it’s something quite special…. well except for Chaka Khan years ago who totally disappointed in Kingston and more recently Diana “Ras” another major disappointment at a recent Jamaica’s Jazz & Blues Festival a few years ago.

International night really would have been a totally enjoyable experience if it were not for the mud aaaaalllll around!!!!! Shaggy was good as always as Mr. Lover Lover – Mr. Bombastic set de stage. Tarrus gave another great performance and went up notches in my book when Dean on sax did one of Jamaica’s favourite Buju songs – you could go on and on, the full has never been told! Wid screams of free Buju I truly begun to miss my #1 DJ who is currently incarcerated in US jails for alledgedly buying de white powder for distribution, thinking when next am I going to see him on stage?

Beenieman too dedicated his performance to Buju to thunderous applause. Thank you Beenie! There was also a tribute to Sugar Minott.

But I’m quite sure Usher will be back for a solo performance in Jamaica – because Jamaicans love Usher now like how we love cook food and are Caught UP!



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