Quick tips for photographing kids

As parents we want to capture every moment of our children’s lives.  From chronicling the maternal journey of pregnancy through birth, the toddler years, first day at school, lost teeth, kid’s activities, family time at the beach, and on and on.  I know very well how that goes.  I am one of those mother’s always with a camera.  I love photography.  You know the funny thing, my friends tease me for always taking pictures (not necessarily of my children), they call me Papparazzi, but they always want to see my pictures…go figure!  🙂  I love capturing these precious moments of  life experiences and loved ones.  When time permits, I always enjoy looking through the pictures and remembering the fun times and events.  Not to mention capturing the growth and development of my sons.  It sure is fun.

With what seems like everybody now owning a digital camera, I thought I’d share a few photography tips from a professional photographer, Steve James,  to help us capture those precious moments with our children.

1.  Experiment with different angles

Try to get down to the baby’s or child’s level.  This allows for better eye to eye contact and keeps their bodies in proportion.   Try laying down or standing on a chair or step.  The more angles you experiment with the more interesting shot you will have.

2. Use natural light

Whenever possible use natural light.  This will make your pictures look vibrant and airy.   Also be aware of the shadows that may be cast depending on the time of day. If you are going to be shooting outside do so in the early morning or late afternoon, where the light is softer and the shadow will not be as harsh Cheap Air Max 90 Glow.   The mid day sun can cast shadows and cause your subjects to squint which will not  photograph well.  So if you have to shoot at noon time, look for some shaded areas.

3. Get your baby’s or child’s attention

Use their favourite toy or something that is colouful to get their attention.  Snap as they reach out for the toy or while they are engaged. You will see many great emotions and facial expressions as they play.  Whistling or making a sound may also be helpful.

4. Action shots

Some of the most memorable shots are action shots.  Children are quick so you have to quick on the draw too.  Embrace those terrible twos and “the getting into everything” stage.  Try to catch them when they are walking, dancing, playing sports or expressing themselves after doing something.  Maybe even catch them just as they are about to “commit a crime”, like just about to lift up the toilet seat and throw the toys in!!! (can you tell, first hand experience)

5. Use simple backgrounds

Complicated backgrounds will detract from your subject.  The eyes won’t know where to rest or what to focus on New Balance 574 Outlet. Your child is the main focus of the shot and you want to keep it that way.  Use solid backgrounds and make sure there are no UFOs (Unwanted Foreign Objects) behind your subject eg. bicycles, paintings or random persons.


Hope these tips will help you enjoy capturing great  memories with your families.  Do you have any other photography tips to add?  I’d love to share them.  Just add them in the comments below.


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