George Graham

Here Comes the Boom


With Mike Flynn spilling the beans, Trump’s days in the White House are numbered. Unless…

It’s the “unless” that scares me.

This is not a sane human being. This is Trump. And he is capable of anything, however unthinkable, to avert his exposure and disgrace.

So how can he head off Robert Mueller’s damning report?

One way would be to go to war with North Korea.

That would not only provide a huge distraction, it would also open the door to martial law and let Trump end the Mueller investigation without fear of reprisal.

Anyone attacking the president – even verbally – during a time of war would probably be accused of treason.

And, by the way, North Korea now has a nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States…

Russia is massing troops along its border with North Korea. China is preparing for war…

Are you sared yet?

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