George Graham

Here He Comes to Save the Day? Don’t Bet on it!

If President Obama takes the bait and fires General McChrystal, he will be creating the perfect Tea Party candidate for 2012.

Think about it: Stan McChrystal (photo above) for president!

A tall, rangy, white guy who trash talked that black guy in the White House…  A beer-swilling career soldier who does his job and tells those politicians and bureaucrats to go  —- themselves.

A devil-may-care rebel who knows his way around guns and speaks his mind – even when some lefty reporter is around.

Haven’t I seen that character a dozen times in those Clint Eastwood movies? Haven’t I come across him in a hundred Wild West paperbacks? Wouldn’t he be right at home in an Ayn Rand novel?

It’s the stuff that American folk heroes are made of.

The Tea Baggers would undoubtedly welcome him as the savior they’ve been praying for… the Lone Ranger who will ride in on his trusty steed and give them their America back.

Sadly, by the time the media meat heads get through glamorizing him, McChrystal would be the Man.

And he would get a lot of votes. A lot.

He would be just the kind of president too many Americans are waiting for. His response to the complexities of Afghanistan, for example, mirrors their own: send in the cavalry, blow those s-o-b’s off the face of the earth. That’ll larn ’em not to fool around with the mightiest power on earth!

Enough of the law professor stuff.

Diplomacy? Phooey!

Politicial correctness? Yech!

Diversity? Gimme a break!

Praise the Lord an’ pass the ammunition!

Of course, that’s not the way the world works. Not any longer.

Another cowboy president would be a catastrophe for the country, and for the world.

But the Tea Baggers are way too dumb to see that. They’re stuck in an Eisenhower-era time warp. And they’ve got a lot of company in the good ol’ USA.

So I doubt that the President will fire McChrystal – or accept his resignation. Obama is too smart for that.

The Tea Baggers will have to wait for the movie.

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