George Graham

Here We Go Again


You knew it would happen, the trumped up charges, the feigned outrage… That “vast right-wing conspiracy” is in full attack mode. Their echo chamber is ringing with “revelations” about Hillary Clinton’s supposed conflicts of interest. Her relations with the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State, for example. And, of course,we are hearing the obligatory OMG’s from the servile media.

Yesterday it was Benghazi.  Before that it was Whitewater. And in-between it has been one false alarm after another. She has even been accused of murder.

According to one right-wing web site:

 In Arkansas and across the U.S.A., there are 56 dead people who knew too much about Whitewater or Troopergate or Cattlegate or some other Clinton scandal.

Of course that’s pure pulp fiction. Three separate inquiries found the Clintons were innocent of any wrongdoing in the Whitewater affair.

You know the crusade is just getting ramped up, don’t you? In the months before next year’s elections, you know you will be hearing even more outrageous charges.  The din will grow even louder, the accusations more scandalous, the outrage more melodramatic. An army of paid propagandists will be working 24/7 to produce material for the media mill.

And the pundits will fall for it, as usual.

But, surely, by now, we the people know better. We know the culture of American politics, the mud-slinging, the finger-pointing, the posturing and the fakery.

And Hillary’s supporters have heard this kind of thing for so long. They will not be moved.

As for the younger generation, they stopped listening a while back. The 21-year-old college student who shared a hospital room with me recently is planning to be an environmentalist working in the public sector, and he had never even heard of the Koch Brothers.

His generation has tuned out the din. They figure they already know who wear the white hats.

If they would only take the trouble to vote!

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