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Vote Libertarian, Mitt!



I never thought much of Mitt Romney’s intelligence, so it shouldn’t surprise me that he’s rummaging through the Republican primary castoffs to find a “third-party candidate” to foil Donald Trump.

But even Mitt should be smarter than that.

The obvious choice in this election for people like Mitt, who can’t stand Trump but would never do the sensible thing and vote for Hillary, is the Libertarian candidate.

I know, who?

It won’t be anybody you or I know, of course. Libertarian candidates don’t get much publicity.

The media ignore the myriad other political parties and publicize only the Democrats and Republicans. Why?

Because those are the two “major parties.”

And how did they become the two major parties?

Because they’re the only ones the media publicize.

Did you know Ron Paul was once a Libertarian presidential candidate? He switched to Republican to get some of that free press.

There already is a Libertarian wing in the Republican Party. Ron Paul’s son Rand, for example, had quite a following – for a while, anyway.

Like the so-called “conservatives,” the Libertarians want small government – really small government. Indeed, they would like the feds to butt out of their lives entirely.

But there are some conflicts between the two parties.

For example,Libertarians would reject federal imposition of the “family values” dogma that “conservatives” hold so dear.

And the Libertarians don’t want to wage war on the rest of the world, while “conservatives” apparently do.

But surely, disagreements like that can be ironed out.

If there’s one thing the party faithful should have learned from Trump, it’s that policy declarations are infinitely flexible With Trump in charge, the Republican Party is currently for and against just about everything.

So why shouldn’t Republican “moderates” accept a contradiction or two and vote Libertarian?

(It won’t matter, anyway. The Libertarians have no more chance of winning the White House than a “third party” Republican candidate would. But it might make Mitt and his ilk feel a little better.)

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