High School Muscial 2..What do Teens and Tweens want

Poster of the 2007 TV film High School Musical 2 .Copyright 2007 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Movie poster eligible for fair use.

Okay, I will admit publicly that I watched High School Musical 2 this weekend between posting and watching Hurricane Dean news. My kids have watched High School Musical 1 so many time that I thought is was time to see what it was about. It was a fun movie although I would never watch it again…DWL…I have all daughters so I am outnumbered in most cases when it comes to the TV in the living room. I was suprised that this simple movie was such a hit..that was until I read the MTV report on what makes kids happy. Family, Friends and Religion were the top 3 in that order. This seemed to surprising to the media with all the negatives they publish about teens and tweens. I was not very suprised as teach “tween” at Sunday school and find this so true…You would know this you talk “at teen and tweens” rather than talking to them. They really long for a “High School Musical” life…

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