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How Can Anyone Oppose Extending Jobless Benefits?

It doesn’t look as if the US Senate is going to approve Jack Reed’s bill to extend those expired unemployment benefits, and even if the bill does squeak through the Senate, I doubt it will win approval in the House. Can you believe it?

There are more than a million families out there who suddenly have no money for heat, no money for food or warm clothes, no money for anything. Families whose breadwinners just lost their jobless benefits.

And those fat cats in Washington are quibbling over an emergency bill to help these folks make it through the coldest winter in decades.

Who are these politicians, anyway?

Do they have children? Grandchildren? Do they go to church? Do they say grace? Pray to a higher power? Smile and wave to friends and neighbors?

I know they are millionaires – every one of them. I know they don’t go hungry; they can afford to dine in the fanciest Washington restaurants. I know they can wear hand-tailored suits, indulge themselves at expensive spas, pamper themselves with manicures and pedicures, visit the most fashionable hair stylists, ride in chauffeur-driven limousines…

These spoiled members of the DC elite have the nerve to tell us they can’t find money in their multitrillion-dollar federal budget to help America’s job seekers make it to spring?

And no, Rand Paul, jobless benefits aren’t a “disincentive” for finding work. Two or three hundred bucks a week won’t provide the basics of life for a family. Not in the 21st century. The jobs they’re seeking don’t exist, Senator Paul. You and your Republican allies have made sure of that by blocking every jobs bill that gets proposed.

And you want to make sure the unemployed will really suffer by slashing the food stamps budget, too, don’t you?

How would you like to be looking for work in this kind of weather, with no money for bus fare and no food for your kids?

It’s no wonder this Congress has the lowest job approval rating in history.

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