How can Luther Campbell defend black women?

Poster of the 2 Liver Crew - Posters eligible for fair use.
Poster of the 2 Live Crew. Posters eligible for fair use.

I am listening to a sport radio talk show today where Luther Campbell from the infamous 2 Live Crew is the guest. The topic was the University of Miami (The Hurricanes) moving to a new stadium. He also has some new show he is doing. I did not get the details as I was not interested in any of the “Quench Aid” he would be selling…no matter how sweet. What caught my attention was him saying none of the Miami Dolphin players are really “black”. An that none of the “black” players like black women. He said a bunch of other “dumb” stuff, but this one really caught my attention.

Luther Campbell defending black women. This has to be a joke. If you saw any of his, posters (like the one in this blog), videos and album covers you would know it is a really big joke. Before there was the half-naked black women in all the rap videos you see on BET and MTV there was  2 Live Crew. They had black women practically naked on there album cover, posters and performing at their shows. They defined the raunchy rap and demeaned black women. Luther Campbell and 2 Live Crew can take some of the blame for many black men seeing black women as nothing else but “sex objects”. Luther Campbell should be taking responsibility for tearing down the black woman rather than saying these black NFL players don’t like them.

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