Baby oh Baby Jamaica

How do mothers do it?

This morning I am still tired, its hectic now for me at the wedding season approaches and I am trying to get things together for the new Baby Oh Baby magazine and I keep wondering how do parents with 2, 3, 4 children manage. How did my mother manage? I have a new-found respect for mothers. Its tough!!! I only have one and I am already swearing I don’t want another one, I cannot cope with another child. I know my grandmother helped alot everyday as she was at home, but my mother is working. Yes she helps on the weekends when she can but do you remember the days when you could just go to grandma everyday. Grandma or nana as I called mine was always there. Wow the good old days. Is it that the grandmothers of today are all out doing the working thing and living their own lives?

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