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How the World Sees U.S.; an Image in Tatters

In a world where millions are starving, where disease, war and pestilence ravage mankind, where injustice and oppression are rampant – and where one misstep could set off a global conflagration at any moment, you might expect the number one superpower to act responsibly and thoughtfully, weighing the consequences of its domestic and foreign policies before indulging in excesses that might expose it to ridicule.

And you might think American politicians would be a little more careful about making fools of themselves and their country.

Sadly, this election season has exposed America as the land of the uninformed, the misinformed and the gullible. And it has shown the world that America’s would-be leaders include some of the most ludicrous charlatans in any land.

How can the once mighty United States expect to be taken seriously in international affairs after this chariviari of a campaign by the Republican Party and its Tea Party affiliates?

The world is watching.

And what it is seeing is a sorry display of absurd lies, childish name calling, outlandish claims and benighted beliefs. A display that – according to the polls – is actually producing results!

The world must be wondering how anyone could be swayed by such implausible trash talking.

And you can be sure responsible observers everywhere will think less – a lot less – of American democracy after this.

Click here for one view of the U.S. election – from Taiwan. It’s a collection of animated videos presented by Salon. com today for the “enjoyment” of its readers. But I suspect that only the most masochistic Americans will enjoy the way their democracy is portrayed.

Highlights include¬† references to everything from Aqua Buddha and Carl Paladino’s bad e-mail habits to Sharron Angle’s confusion over whether Latino students were also Asian.

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