How To Count Your Blessings

” We seldom think of what we have, but always on what we don’t have.”

It is most unfortunate, that most people only start living after they have had a near death experience or some other unfortunate tragedy.

I would be lying, if I told you that I have not allowed life events to get in my way sometimes. From time to time, I allow myself the briefest of moment to feel sorry for myself. Like most, I have more bills than money and this major inconvenience leaves me rather frustrated.
Recently however, I met a lady who had me checking the authenticity of my melancholy. This lady was blind in both eyes. Her family also recently found out that her husband has stage three cancer, which is rapidly spreading to his spine. The man who once took care of her, she has to now be taking care of and she can’t see. While talking to me, not once did she complain or feel sorry for herself or her situation. Her faith in God, has given her the courage and the confidence to believe that He (God) is able to not only restore her sight, but also heal her husband.
I felt so ashamed of myself. If she can be happy, cheerful and optimistic in her situation, I can certainly do the same in mine. Sometimes it is not until you hear about other people’s story before you realize how blessed you are. The mere fact that you have fresh drinking water and food to eat is a tremendous blessing.
Seriously, stop what you are doing right now and ask yourself this simple question. “What on earth, am I worried about?” I guarantee  that if you were to examine your situation closely, you will realize that it is comparatively unimportant and insignificant to what some others have to be enduring.
You might be saying, Kymarie, you just don’t understand. My house is in foreclosure and I don’t know what to do. That might be the case, but when you are tempted to worry, ask yourself another question.” If I was to lose the house, would I be homeless and would this be the end of the world?” If you can answer NO to these questions, then you should be  counting your blessings.
I want to say with confidence, taking our current situation into consideration. 95% of the things in our lives are good, and only 5% are bad. If we are to be happy, we have to cultivate the habit of focusing on those things which are good. Think about all the things that you should be grateful for and thank God for all His benefits.I am positive that if someone were to offer you right now a billion dollar for your two eyes, one of your legs and a couple of fingers, you would turn that person down so fast, they would think you were Usain Bolt the Jamaican sprinter and world record holder.
Don’t wait until something bad happens before you begin to show appreciation. Resolve in your heart that you will only think thoughts that are good. Thoughts of joy, happiness, peace, health, well wishes for others and prosperity. Force yourself each morning to wake up with your heart filled with gratitude, and go over all the things you are grateful for.
I am grateful that I have eyes to see. Ears to hear. Good health. Food to eat. Clean water to drink. Light to illuminate my path. Wonderful family and friends. A beautiful daughter. A great relationship with my ex-husband. The ability to walk unaided and a mouth to express gratitude.
“The habit of looking on the best side of everything is worth more than all the money you could ever have in this world.”
Positive Affirmation: Today I will count my blessing and not my troubles.
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