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A few people have stumbled upon my hiphopbiz.com website while searching for “How to start a digital record label.” So, for those searching to make 2012 their year to follow their Hip Hop or other music industry passion, I’ll direct you to an essay I wrote entitled “The Record Label of the Future” which is included in The Hip Hop Entrepreneur Record Label Business plan. Hope this proves helpful

Here’s what someone said about the information contained:

“I bought your business plan when I realized I had an interested investor and it made me do something I’d never done before. FLESH OUT ALL THE DETAILS! I haven’t even finished the plan and have gotten the a-ok on the finances! 6 figures! My plan is edgy so I had to alter a couple things but it was a great template. The stats you found fit our objectives exactly! They were up to date and cited with references. As I sit here chunking out the last few details and financial report (and Yes I used that calculator feature at least 20 times today), I’m here to say there is no equal for your business plan. Keep your fingers crossed, its time for me to save hip-hop!” — -Sir (formerly Sir Reigns)

hip hop record label business plan

The half-price sale was to end Jan 31, so act fast!

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