Jamaica Kate and Kayla

how we made our move to Jamaica happen ….

After our first blog post, you’re probably wondering what happened next.  This will be a very general wrap-up of the year as we have lots of stories in there that we will be writing separate posts for.  We just want to let those of you who don’t know us in on our past year to kind of understand what happened in those crazy heads of ours.

As we left  Jamaica in March, we told all our new Jamaican friends that we’d be back in December to visit and shed a few tears as we flew home.  Being back in Canada hit us hard, not to mention the snow storm we arrived in …we would spend hours listening to our reggae/dancehall cds, looking at pictures of Jamaica, talking to our new friends back in Jamaica …. doing anything we could do to keep that Jamaica “high” (ha ha).

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