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Hungry Feet? Then get moving!

“Things were getting to the point for me that I was starting to get depressed. Actually depressed! Me!? I still can’t believe it. I would never have dreamt in my wildest horrors that I would feel depressed. Depression was for other people. It was stupid. Just a job. And yet there I was slowly imploding. I kept it to myself, too ashamed to admit this weakness to anyone until the signs started to show through and my beautiful wife stepped in to save the day and suggest that if we missed travel and Japan so much what are we still doing in Australia? Even writing this I am choking up at the memory. All my pent up emotions came out in a flood. In amongst the flooding waters was a life raft upon which my wife stood with a helping hand to rescue me from these troubled waters and sail with me off to new lands.”–Scott Donald, Hungry Feet Blog

That’s a quote from Scott Donald’s blog, Hungry Feet. When you check it out–and you WILL check it out–you’ll read about a man and his wife who, like me, felt like a piece of their souls were dying each day they submitted to corporate confinement and the status quo of the standard societal paradigm. Fortunately, Scott has not given in to the expectations of others, and has decided to pursue his passion for travel, honor is nomadpreneurial leanings and share these with the world in his blog and in a book, too!

scott donald in thailand
Scott is a kindred spirit.

Scott is also my bestest new friend because he reviewed my Coffeepot Cookbook on his blog, and as a result, I’ve decided to offer a huge, Free, 66MB (did I mention free) bonus to anyone who reads his blog, finds his post about the Coffeepot Cookbook (hint: it’s on March 11) and does what it instructs to get the bonus! If you like food, and you like travel, satisfy both cravings at Hungry Feet!

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Walt F.J. Goodridge

"Once upon a time, there was a Jamaican civil engineer living in New York who hated his job, followed his passion, started a sideline business publishing his own books, quit his job, escaped the rat race, ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls every day....and live a passionpreneur & nomadpreneur's dream life." (Full story: https://www.passionprofit.com/escape)

2020 UPDATE: Walt is also author of over 24 books including Turn Your Passion into Profit, and How to Become a Nomadpreneur. His latest book project is "The Pandemicpreneur: How to start or CONTINUE Making Money Doing What You Love, generate multiple income streams, remotely, from home...Even During a Pandemic!"

Learn more at : http://thepandemicpreneur.com/