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Another Blood Bath

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What will it take to make Congress pass sensible gun control legislation? When will the shameful cowards revolt against their NRA overlords and serve the people as they’re supposed to be doing?

Surely they don’t need a more compelling argument than the one provided by Omar Mateen in Orlando over the weekend?

Fifty people are dead and more fatalities are likely as several of the 53 wounded cling to life.

The worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

Now, the politicians are ranting about hatred of homosexuals (the scene of the shooting was a gay nightclub) and “Islamic radicals.” They’re arguing about the real motive for the atrocity.

Hear me now, folks, that is beside the point.

omarWhatever drove Omar Mateen (at right), surely he was not sane. No sane person would have – could have – mowed down a hundred innocent people for any reason.

There will always be crazy people, and they will sometimes find a reason to act out.

But if they cannot get their hands on a military-grade weapon, they cannot mow down a hundred people before they are stopped. If all Omar had was a revolver or a hunting rifle, dozens of those nightclub patrons would still be alive this morning.

Surely the politicians can see that? Surely they cannot reasonably argue against limiting the kind of arms civilians can buy?

It’s horrific that Omar Mateen hated gays. It’s horrific that he was “radicalized” by ISIS. But it is also immaterial.

What’s more terrifying is that he was able to buy an automatic weapon and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

People like Mateen will always be with us. But people like Mateen should not be able to get their hands on automatic weapons.

It’s as simple as that.

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