Empressjournee Jamaica

I was Chosen

Some was born to remind us
Of our destiny
Some was born to be Kings
Some was born as Queens.
Some was born to remind us
Of Peace
Singing Peace, Peace, Peace
Peace, Peace, Peace
That I call forth in me.
Some were born with
Great wisdom to lead us
Out of captivity
Some were born to be
Servants to those who really
Truly are in need
Some were born with deep
Love and compassion
Remembering where they
Come from. I was chosen to
To just be the beautiful Me.
~ Empress M.

About the author


This bio will be short. I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College. Mother of three and grandmother. I love to read and write poetry.

To those who have been a great support in reading my website and those who just came across this poetry this will be the ending of my poetic journey for now. I hope there will be a new chapter in my life that will be a success and inspired people to be far better in their thoughts, words and deeds. I am working on myself and it’s been hard.... yet I am getting there. When I began my poetry, I felt so deeply inspired. Now when I write I just write (feeling burned out of all that has occurred and is occurring) and I am feeling as if my poetry isn’t moving in the manner that I feel it should because I have not place myself in a position to be active reading my poetry at live venues for my own personal reason. I wanted to thank those who took the time to read my poetry especially my love ones. Thank you for being on the journey with me. Peace and blessings.

Empress Journee